Action meetings

Athens, Greece (4th-6th March, 2009)
First Annual meeting
Local Organizer: George Sakellaris
Meeting - report
Lleida, Spain (28th May, 2009)
WG1 meeting
Local Organizer: Paul Christou
WG1 meeting - report
Prague, Czech Republic (5th-6th October, 2009)
Second Annual meeting
Local organizer: Tomáš Vaněk
Program and scientific report
Wageningen, Netherlands (25th - 26th January, 2010)
WG2 and WG 3 Meeting
Local organizer:
Dirk Bosch and Arjen Schots
Book of Abstracts
Vico Equence, Italy (6th - 8th October, 2010)
Third Annual Meeting
Local organizer: Teodoro Cardi and Nunzia Scotti
Book of Abstracts
Plovdiv, Bulgaria (23th - 25th March, 2011)
WG 1 Meeting
Local organizer: Ivan Minkov
WG1 meeting - report
Gent, Belgium (14th - 16th September, 2011)
Fourth Annual Meeting
Local organizers: Ann Depicker & Bart Van Droogenbroeck
Munich, Germany (3th-04th November 2011)
Trans-Action Workshop on Communication
Local organizer: Gabi Krczal
Vienna, Austria (16th-17th February, 2012)
WG2 & WG3 Meeting
Local organizer: Herta Steinkellner
Neustadt, Germany (20th -21st August, 2012)
Trans-Action Workshop on Commercialization
Local Organizer: Gabi Krczal
Warsaw, Poland (5th – 7th September, 2012)
Fifth Annual Meeting (All WGs + MC)
Local organizer: Agnieszka Sirko
Rostock, Germany(6th-8th February, 2013)

Local organizer: Inge Broer Informations
Valencia, Spain (5th – 8th May, 2013)
Final conference
Local Organizer: Diego Orzaez
Book of Abstracts
Upcoming meetings
Other events
Greece, (1st-4th September, 2013)
EPSO meeting More details
Verona, Italy (5th-7th June, 2013)
5th PBVA Conference More details